To not forget any veteran and assist them on the path of reintegrating into society and being a successful citizen.


To never lose a veteran during the reintegration into civilian society.


Connected, illuminate all the possibilities.

Continuity, limit the immediate disruption of leaving the military.

Coaching, provide veteran with honest guidance and direction on reintegration from other veterans.

Camaraderie, to continue with the fellowship, friendship and relationships ensuring you’re not alone.

Career, provide a variety of paths and directional guidance to paying jobs outside the military.

Civility, by highlighting the deep commitment our nation has for its veterans, a veteran will know they have served a grateful nation.  

Since our Nation’s founding we have asked the sons and daughters of our Country to go into harm’s way and uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Throughout our Nation’s history there have always been challenges reintegrating service people back into civilian society.

The statistics today show we still have not met the challenge. In 2017 roughly 40,000 veterans were homeless, 22 veterans commit suicide a day and 8.4 percent of the veteran community is unemployed that is 68% more then the national average.

While there are multiple factors driving these numbers three that most can agree on are:

  • The challenge of translating military work experience into civilian terms.
  • Certification hurdles, including licensing requirements.
  • Disabilities related to service.

Some other challenges that are unaddressed are related to:

  • The abrupt change from being part of a larger community to being just another number. 
  • After being trained to always be mission oriented and the work as a team the veteran is put back into an environment where the only mission is to take care of yourself.
  • The majority of first enlistment service people leave their parents and family structure and move to another structure were there are three square meals a day, a roof over your head and a very structured living arrangement. Once discharged the world becomes foreign.

While American society continues to try and address these issues (there are tens of thousands of non-profits targeting veterans) we are still falling short.  

Lest We Forget is targeting that critical moment when a service person is transitioning from a highly structured environment to being a civilian. The organization is a portal between the military and those who have successful made the transition into the civilian world. A key to any success is finding a path to a future, LWF will help illuminate the way.

Our initial focus will be introducing a veteran to the vocational opportunities through an immersion program. Initially this will be located in Northern California and Oregon. The service member will apply to the program while still on active duty. 

The program in summary will be a undetermined number of weeks with billeting, the service person would be paired with a master tradesman to learn the trade skills.  While learning the trade would be the primary function, there would be coaches who will advise and direct the transitioning service person on the reintegration into the civilian world. The final phase of the program would be pairing the service member with a master tradesman for an apprenticeship.

Our secondary focus will be aligning a transitioning veteran with what is available in their communities and connecting them into one of the thousands of non-profits available.  Whether rehabilitation, job hunting, gym memberships, or fly-fishing, we will help align the veteran to what is available. 

Finally, there will be a network of veterans who have made the transition and reintegrated successfully into the civilian world. This network will be properly vetted, and their level of commitment weighed against the critical nature of our task. To not forget any service member and help guide them into becoming a successful citizen.

Lest We Forget Foundation is a 501© 3 nonprofit foundation. All funds raised are solely distributed to disabled combat veterans. Thank you for your support.

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