We remember what it was like to go off to war, return home, and then act normal like it never even happened. It is not really possible but you can deal with society and the peaks and valleys that are part of what everyday life brings you.
We, as the sponsors of this charity are just 2 examples which will solidify that the majority of returning war veterans will make the adjustment back to civilian life without considerable difficulty. It may take a concerted effort but you will get there if you focus on your personal life goals. Some do need a bit more help and that is whom we seek to assist with this program.
We looked around at the community where we live and found no concerted privately funded veteran outreach program for either disabled or combat veterans. While the Veterans Administration can be of some assistance, but, as with any large Federal bureaucracy it may take months to get the veteran some help they are needing. Some may needimmediate help. So we started up the "Lest We Forget Foundation" which is a local charity organization that responds to local combat veterans in both Napa and Sonoma Counties.
Our small organization, which is founded by combat veterans, seeks to bridge the gap for local combat veterans that can use some help in an expedient manner without all the governmental red tape that burdens federal and state funded programs.

Lest We Forget Foundation is a 501© 3 nonprofit foundation. All funds raised are solely distributed to disabled combat veterans. Thank you for your support.

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